Study,Summertime Heat Oil on canvas (20x32x2in.) 2017 (NFS).

Study,Summertime Heat Oil on canvas (20x32x2in.) 2017 (NFS).


My work is about memory,color,and light and comes from multiple sources, which reflects an authentic approach to painting that represents multiple points of view and multiple sources of inspiration from actual events to imagination and automatic response not an actual found scene from which a painting is traditionally made. It's not possible to make a painting from a single point of view any longer. I want to redefine how we perceive painting creating another point of view.

  Both abstraction and a reference to representation occur in my work, I work in the in between world of reality in combination with subjective abstraction.

  Eugene Horne grew up in Augusta Georgia where he first was exposed to art making in High School. He later earned a BFA in studio arts from the University of Georgia and then an MFA in painting from the University of South Carolina. He has been making art for over 40yrs.

  His work has been featured in both private and public collections throughout the United States. He has shown in New York, Martha's Vineyard, Savannah, North Carolina and now is represented in Charleston at Fabulon Gallery.                                                                                  The physical quality inherent in the natural world is part of the reason for the paintings being made in 2 parts. The break in the surface is a subtle reference to not only a window but also the passage of time as it relates to memory. I like to think of the paintings as a physical and subjective lyrical narrative about my thoughts and feelings in relation to chosen motifs and the natural world, as I stated earlier," I've always lived in the borderland."

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Eugene Horne