Paris 1, 2018    Oil, Charcoal on canvas

Paris 1, 2018    Oil, Charcoal on canvas


    Eugene Horne grew up in Augusta Georgia where he first was exposed to art making in High School. He later earned a BFA in studio arts from the University of Georgia and then an MFA in painting from the University of South Carolina. He has been making art for over 40yrs.

    His work has been featured in both private and public collections throughout the United States. He has shown in New York, Martha's Vineyard, Savannah, North Carolina and now is represented in Charleston at Fabulon Gallery and in NYC by Agora Gallery.        

    Memory and authenticity, the vast infinite cry of nature pretty much sums up where my inspiration comes from.
The paintings speak for themselves and evolve thru a process, which is metaphysical. By that I mean they start and stop when they “feel” finished. I like the hands on approach and during the process listen to them. Of course there are initially design, composition, color
choices made but eventually they become an image that reflects the process and my vision of what they should be, and what they tell me they should be. Sometimes choices are made in a concrete way and sometimes while in the process of making there is a point where thought disappears and pure instinct subconsciously guides my activity. I feel right making paintings with that approach. It’s having one foot in the real world and one in the realm of memory and imagination simultaneously.                           

     The physical quality inherent in the natural world is part of the reason for the paintings being made in 2 parts. The break in the surface is a subtle reference to not only a window but also the passage of time as it relates to memory. I like to think of the paintings as a physical and subjective lyrical narrative about my thoughts and feelings in relation to chosen motifs and the natural world.

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Eugene Horne