Personal Statement


I'm attempting to add my own voice to this history thru painting (oil on canvas) and drawing. My career began in High School, and continues today. I grew up in Augusta Georgia and my early exposure to art was thru my mother and an aunt who produced watercolors of various flower still-life. My formal art education ie: college was in the undergraduate program at the University of Georgia and the Masters program at the University of South Carolina. I have lived in various parts of the country, NYC, Martha's Vineyard, Maine, Savannah, and now the Holy City, Charleston which by the way I am never leaving, a wonderful place to live and work.


Memory and authenticity and  a desire to leave something behind that will inspire people to notice the beauty of their surroundings are some ideas that guide my choices for the imagery in my paintings. I am constantly looking and searching for experiences, that I find intriguing. My work starts with noticing a particular natural phenomenon then over time develops into my own very personal interpretation of that experience and becomes a visual statement. 

I hope this provides an introduction to my work and you take a few minutes to view my website.

Please inquire thru email or the short form in contacts for further information on pricing... 

Prices range from $300.00 up to $3000.00